Monthly Reads: July

Well friends, my HP bookclub of 2 is a little behind on the reading, which has also delayed the reluctant movie marathon of 4, but I have finished the HP series. I was so into reading HP that I also read the Cursed Child screeplay (which is awful). I will do a review of the series overall, rather than one book or all of the books individually because I think it’s relevant to the overall moment that is 2020. Esp in light of the author’s blatant transphobia.

This month I also read the next installment of the Witcher series: Season of Storms.

Lastly, I started Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad. It’s weird to say that I’m excited to read this, but I am. From the little I’ve gotten through so far, it’s intense and eye-opening. I look forward to reviewing of this one in the future!

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