Halloween 2021

Last year’s Halloween round up were things I wanted to read or watch., as well as a few things I was recommending for younger audiences. I got through 3 of the 15 things shared. So this year’s round up are books, shows and movies that I’ve already read and watched. I’ve consumed far more than these 9 items, but these are the only ones I’m recommending to you. Keep reading to find out why!

Children’s Books

Here are the top 3 picture books I read this year. Hardly Haunted has the most adorable black cat, and is about… you guessed it, a haunted house! Poultrygeist is dark. It follows a chicken that dies in a hit and run. Why did the chicken cross the road??! Despite the roadkill aspect, it’s quite a fun read. Lastly, Vampenguin follows a vampire family visiting the zoo for the day. None of these books are scary, but they are fun reads for the Halloween season.

TV Shows

You, season 3 released in time for spooky season. Is there anything spookier than a deranged serial killer who doesn’t recognize his own narcissistic murdering tendencies to be a pattern? If you haven’t watched the previous two seasons, this is an easy binge. I will say that the end of season 3 really annoyed me — you do need to suspend disbelief while watching at times. If you’re looking for a creepy show, check out Midnight Mass. Some of the cast will look familiar, you may have seen them in The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor. Set in an isolated fishing island town left to die after an oil spill, the show begins with the return of a recently incarcerated man and a new priest. Both of these shows are on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.


Let’s start with a content warning. Night House, the Djinn and Till Death have characters who commit suicide. If you or someone you know is battling thoughts of suicide, please reach out to Canada’s Prevention Line at 1-833-456-4566. You can also text 686868 and a crisis responder will text back in real time. The Crisis Text Line is powered by Kids Help Phone. Till Death and Malignant also show partner abuse (physical, emotional). Here are some resources and services that can provide support in domestic/intimate abuse in Toronto and in Ontario. Please take care of yourselves.

The Night House starts with a new widow who is grappling with the unexpected loss of her spouse. She lives in a giant lake house that they had built together and she doesn’t understand why her husband ended his life. She feels like his spirit is still in their home and she feels connected to his presence. She also learns that he had dark secrets that no one was aware of. Does she want his spirit around?

I watched The Djinn earlier in 2021 and months later I am still shocked at how well it was done. Our main character is a young boy whose single parent is a night time radio host and he invites a supernatural being into his home. The whole movie was shot in a single floor home and has a very small cast and it was mind-blowingly good — and scary!

Megan Fox hasn’t done a horror film since Jennifer’s Body. I haven’t watched Jennifer’s Body yet, but I can tell you that this movie isn’t great. It is, however, very fun to watch with friends — lots of yelling about how she could do things better. If you’re looking for a scary movie that isn’t scary, this could be the right one for you!

Lastly, there’s Malignant. Our main character has been struggling with fertility and pregnancy for awhile. Her partner has also isolated her and is abusive. And then there’s a spirit in her house. Suddenly her partner is dead and she’s badly concussed and she can see as the spirit kills. Can she save the victims? Will the Police support her or think she’s the killer? Why are they connected and what does this spirit want? You’ll have to watch to find the answers!

I’d love to hear about what you’re reading or watching, so feel free to share the spooky things you’ve enjoyed this month (or year). And if you do end up reading or watching anything on my list, did you like it?! Let’s chat soon! Happy Spooky Season to you and I’ll be back soon with my October Reads!

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