Monthly Reads: February

I have been busy, all swept up in Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series. I've just got the last book left -- Gregory Bridgerton. I've already started. I've found that I vaguely remember each story once I've started reading, but sometimes I remember better than others. If you don't know already, the identity of Mrs. Whistledown is

Gift Guide: Little Ones

It’s been an incredibly stressful year for everyone, including the little ones in your life. They haven’t had as much social interaction as they require. Moreover, it’s really difficult and confusing for them to understand what’s going on. Now is the time to step up and be the aunties and uncles (or grandparents, or whoever)

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

After getting engaged, we wanted to keep the news to ourselves. We told our immediate families shortly after returning from our trip, but we did not share this development in our relationship with our friends or extended circles. We wanted to figure out what our wedding might look like first.  When we eventually did share