Monthly Reads: June

I’ve moved away from picture books this month, back towards romance novels. I run a romance book club at work, called the Happily Ever After book club, so romance titles are going to be part of my monthly reads going forward! This month saw 3 titles. I can’t say that it’ll always be this many, but there’ll definitely be at least one!

A Little Light Mischief was the novella we started the book club with in June. The July title, A Princess in Theory was fantastic. But my favourite romance this month was Happy Endings. An interracial romance where one of the protagonists sells sex toys and helps others understand and appreciate self-love? Yes, definitely the winner this month!.

As usual, picture books are in the mix. They are just so fun to read! Unicorns are the Worst was by far the most amusing. Amira’s Picture Day and I Do Not Like Yolanda were sweet. The Proudest Blue was absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to the literary bounty July will bring!

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