Monthly Reads: December

December was full of fun children's reads! Absolutely loved all of these picture books, especially A Home Again, I Eat Poop and Off-Limits! There's a wide range of sweet, enlightening and fun reads for children aged 4-10. I'm always marvelng at how many incredible new picture books release each month and I'm excited for what

Monthly Reads: September

September is always a busy month. It's birthday month. It's back-to-school month. It's a change in seasons month. BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. No surprise that reading diminished significantly. The standout this month was Too Much Slime! This was so much fun to read, which a lot of sound effects. I'd pair this book with a DIY

Monthly Reads: August

August saw fewer romances, although I'm still on that Alyssa Cole train! Alisha Rai was really cute. This was the September book for The Happily Ever After Book Club. What I found interesting was how Rai skirts around COVID-19 and the global pandemic by hinting towards illness and isolation without outright stating global events. Dear

Monthly Reads: February

I have been busy, all swept up in Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series. I've just got the last book left -- Gregory Bridgerton. I've already started. I've found that I vaguely remember each story once I've started reading, but sometimes I remember better than others. If you don't know already, the identity of Mrs. Whistledown is