Monthly Reads: October

Unfortunately, this month’s reading consisted only of one and a half books, and I don’t believe will finish the other half by the end of the month. I do have several spooky titles I’m interested in reading, but instead I spent the month de-compressing with horror films and shows. So here is my pitiful monthly reads, although I am excited to say that I will have come to the end of the Witcher series with this title!

I re-read the first of a long historical romance series, mostly because I wanted some quick and easy fluff this month. Then I started on Lady of the Lake, which I have been having trouble reading for long periods. Partly because of my work, and partly because I don’t know if I’m ready to end this series. But mostly because I find Sapkowski’s penchant for jumping in time to be hard to follow.

I hope you were able to read more than I did this month, but if not, that’s okay! Life happens, and we don’t always have time to curl up with our books (nor should we). Happy Halloween y’all!

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