Gift Guide: The Colleague

The holiday season is upon us folx, and I thought some gift ideas for coworkers would be nice right now. Many of us haven’t seen our work friends in months, and a little gift would really perk up anyone’s holiday spirit. Perhaps you and your work friends are Secret Santa?

So I’ve rounded up some small gifts and stocking stuffers that any coworker would enjoy receiving! All of these can be bought from small Canadian businesses, similar to my Host Gift Guide.

So without further ado, here’s a round up of 9 items that any coworker would enjoy!

1. Candle | 2. Bath Soak | 3. Face Mask | 4. Body Butter | 5. Christmas Roast | 6. Drinks Manual | 7. Mini Tree | 8. Puzzle | 9. Market Tote

Lots of self-care items for your coworkers on this list! Candles are an easy gift, regardless of whether you know someone well or not. There’s some common scents that go over well, but I’ve listed a tropical scent to help your friends relax and imagine themselves on that vacation they were unable to enjoy this year.

There’s also a bath soak, a gorgeous face mask, and even a soothing body butter. Any of these alone would make nice gifts, or you can build them into a gift set.

If you and your work chum enjoy your coffee, a nice holiday roast would be a great treat for them — a way to remind them of their peers while working from home. Or maybe after work drinks was more your thing, whether they were alcoholic or not. For those co-workers, I suggest a beautiful book with a variety of drink recipes to get them into a festive mood.

If your office comrade enjoys plants, or enjoys decorating the workplace, a baby Grinch tree might be just the thing.

Or maybe they are looking for a new hobby; puzzles have been big this year.

Lastly, we all have to hit the grocer’s on a regular basis. These market totes are stylish and useful for carrying produce or bread!

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