Gift Guide: Little Ones

It’s been an incredibly stressful year for everyone, including the little ones in your life. They haven’t had as much social interaction as they require. Moreover, it’s really difficult and confusing for them to understand what’s going on. Now is the time to step up and be the aunties and uncles (or grandparents, or whoever) of their dreams! It will also take some of the burden off their poor parents and caregivers!

1. Stamp Set | 2. Rattle | 3. Picture Book | 4. Pillow | 5. Sailboat | 6. History Book | 7. Board Book Set | 8. Game | 9. Fox Plushie

There’s some obvious winners here, like a sail boat for bath time, a rattle that will make veggies seem like fun or an adorable fox plushie. We’ve got books for all ages and stages: a board book set for babies and toddlers, a picture book that can be read a bed time or while cuddling together, and a non-fiction book showcasing strong Black women in history.

I also found an alphabet pillow, which is a great decor piece that will help grow young readers. The stamp set lets kids of all ages explore their creativity as they create existing and imaginary animals. Lastly, a game which will not only develop literacy but also be an enjoyable way to spend time with kids of various ages!

The holidays often a time of heavy spending, and this year your finances might be tighter than usual. I tried to find options that were more affordable, however, the gift of your time would likely be very appreciated by the caregivers.

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