Monthly Reads: November

Every day, it feels like we’re coming to the end of 2021. Every year, I question how quickly the days flew by, but this year, I truly mean it. 2020 felt looooooooong and 2021 feels both too long and too short. I’m grateful that the pandemic has really pushed me to start reading more. While I love romance novels, I can’t really commit to them as much as I did in my young adulthood. Picture books can be darling, hilarious, serious or all of that and more. The quick reads really brighten my day up and I essentially read a book each day at work!

You can see there’s some holiday books like Trick or Treat, Bugs to Eat and Santa Jaws. Both use fun rhyming schemes and are fun to read at bedtime, or any time really.

Most of November’s picks are light-hearted reads and many of them have lovely illustrations. Then there’s It’s OK, Slow Lizard, which has gorgeous artwork and expertly subtle language to convey the uniqueness of an individual and working with others to balance strengths and weaknesses.

The serious book in November was Some Days, which follows a child and his mother, who has MS. It’s a sweet book, depicting daily life with it’s highs and lows, highlighting how MS can impact a person and their family.

I’m anticipating a romance heavy December, but you’ll have to come back to see if the picture books take over again! Wishing you a cozy end of year and lots of fun reads ahead!

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